Coin operated telescope 25x100mm for 1 Euro

Model : Uniwersal Coin Ten 25x100mm

coin operated binocular ( telescope )

Description: solid aluminum body, stainless steel finished, sun resistant, any logo can be printed on the front of the telescope, special design for low power consumption, a lots of colors to choose from , operational -30 deg C to + 70 deg C

Coin Operated Binoculars 25x100mm for 1 Euro
  • Primary lens technology : BaK 4
  • 25x magnification
  • Primary lens : 100mm
  • Protective glass preventing from destrution
  • Wide-angle viewing
  • High quality lens coating
  • Also astronomy use ( Moon , planets or Deep Sky objects )
  • 1 Euro coin mechanism
  • 6v 12ah battery
  • Fully waterproof
  • Fully hermetic
  • Battery last for about two months
  • Binocular can be removed for the night
  • Analogue coin mechanism

The basis is designed to mount the telescope on the concrete floor, You can use concrete blocks

* Please note: standard basis is 130 cm high. Eyepiece is on 155 cm – average height for all visitors.

* Please note: We offer coin mechanism for different coins. Before purchase please send an information what kind of coins do You want to use. For example: You wish to use 50 cent but You think 20 cents can be used as well – then We will send You another coin mechanism with no extra charge.

Price 2300 €

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